Thermal Spray Coatings



HVOF System: High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Thermal Spray

HVOF coatings fight corrosion by enhancing the surface consistency, hardness and bond strength. HVOF coatings provide durability in harsh service conditions, as well as prevent wear and corrosion for applications. These coatings increase the components service life and they provide a smooth surface. Tungsten Carbide is sprayed with a HVOF gun and ground down with a diamond stone on our cylindrical grinders.


  • Improved toughness and excellent wear resistance
  • Low compressive stress, which can result to thick coatings
  • High density
  • Bond strength
  • Optimum hardness and corrosion resistance
  • Beneficial residual stress and fine surface finishes
  • Mainly used for Tungsten Carbide

Combustion Powder Thermal spray

Alberta chrome & grinding combustion powder spray system is used for repair, restoration & clearance control applications of machining parts. Combustion spray uses oxygen & fuel to melt pure metals, alloys, carbides, ceramic powders and other powders. The combustion powder gun is usually used for ceramic coatings, stainless coatings, spray & fuse coatings and any other coatings required by our customer for their industrial needs.


  • Helps with basic wear
  • Corrosions resistant
  • Coatings can be machined
  • Some specific coatings have no electrical conductivity

Applications for HVOF & Combustion powder spray system

  • Mandrels & wash pipes
  • Spindles
  • Pistons
  • Plungers
  • Cutters
  • Oil & gas parts
  • Mining industry parts